Does my browser support HTTP/3 & QUIC?

When loading this page from Cloudflare's edge network, your browser used HTTP/1.1.

This page is HTTP/3 & QUIC enabled. Try reloading a few times to spring it into action.

Not all HTTP clients have HTTP/3 & QUIC support configured. See our documentation for more information about how to check and configure your favorite client such as Chrome, Firefox or curl.

Available for all Cloudflare zones

Cloudflare's QUIC & HTTP/3 is generally available to all zones. You can control whether it is enabled or disabled using a toggle on the Network tab of your dashboard.

New to QUIC?

QUIC is a new transport protocol being developed in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). It offers reliability, security and multiplexing by default.

HTTP/3 is a new version of HTTP that sits on top of QUIC. It leverages the new transport features to fix performance problems such as Head-of-Line blocking. This enables web pages to load faster, especially over troublesome networks.

If you’re new to QUIC and need to learn more about the protocol, the following resources will help you gain a better understanding.

Faster handshakes

QUIC handshakes are faster by design when compared to the equivalent TCP & TLS.

Since QUIC uses TLS 1.3, it can benefit from zero roundtrip time (0-RTT) connection resumption. Check out our 0-RTT blogpost to understand more about this feature.

Powered by delicious quiche

Quiche is Cloudflare's own open-source implementation of the QUIC and HTTP/3 protocols written in Rust.

The following articles provide some background.

Continuing developments

Cloudflare will continue to make updates to its QUIC implementation as the IETF makes progress towards finalizing the protocol standard.

Since launching QUIC & HTTP/3 support we've continued to measure performance and deploy optimisations such as new Congestion Control algorithms.

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